Feel like ... going to run in the park? Chatting on the last movie you saw at the theatre?

Need to ... share a taxi? Find a place to dine at 2 a.m.?

None of your social media friends or contacts can help you?

Now you can rely on a new app to challenge social media rules: Hibye allows you to connect to the real word around you.


Features of Hibye


Your Personal Network

you see the people around you right now


New Opportunities

get to know new people who share your same interests and can help you meet your needs


No bonds of friendship

come into contact with new people you have no real nor virtual connection with on other social media


From Virtuality to Reality

reverse your social network experience and use Hibye to stay connected to the real world around you


Simple and safe

contact other users easily and safely by sending a HI request. To definitively stop a conversation, all you need to do is send a BYE


Personal & Business

be seen also for your business skills

Download for free

Download your free app and get in contact with the world near you